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Essay on the Design Argument for God Free-Sample for Students

Question: Compose an Essay on the Design Argument for God. Answer: The Design Argument for God The plan contention is shown for introducing the experimental contentions on the presence of God. The contentions endeavor to perceive the various kinds of observational highlights that manage the sacred proof of keen structure. These plan contentions are additionally named as mechanical contentions that incorporate telos, the Greek expression of direction. As indicated by Elliott (2017), the plan contention incorporates the three significant parts. First is the reason that demonstrates the presence of a portion of the observational property. Second is the sub-contention that characterizes the convincing idea of the observational plans that includes the proof and the keen reason. The third one is the reason, which closes likely clarification for the way that is displayed known to mankind (Bailey and OBrien 2014). This particular examination paper will talk about the proof based investigation introduced by the well known thinkers. Fuse of the philosophical view would make the examinat ion paper a lot of educational. It is to be shown that the structure contention is one of the three significant contentions about the presence of God. The other two contentions are the cosmological contention and the ontological contention. The structure contentions, as introduced by Elliot Sober, are grouped into twp various sorts, for example, vast and organismic (Glass and McCartney 2014). As indicated by his clarification, the organismic plans are for the most part concentrating on the perception of the versatile highlights of the earth wherein they show the delicacy. Then again, enormous structure contentions incorporate the observational highlights that are worried about the whole universe, complying with the straightforward laws (De Cruz 2014). Calm characterized that the enormous plan is steady and it allows the life to exist in an appropriate manner. The exchanges introduced by David Hume in concerning regular religion mirror the cosmological contentions. The presence of gathers and Clarke in his contention is speaking to the idea based clarification. He expressed, Whatever exists must have a reason or reason of its reality; it being completely incomprehensible for anything to create itself, or to be the reason for its own reality. In mounting up, consequently, from impacts to causes, we should either go on in following a vast progression, with no extreme reason by any means, or should finally have plan of action to some extreme reason, that is essentially existent ( Bailey and OBrien 2014). The contention portrays that there is difficult to depend on a vast progression of the circumstances and end results by overlooking a definitive reason. Hume likewise clarified that the contentions are proceeded since this neglects to give a specific motivation to the easygoing chain or a whole arrangement (De Cruz 2014). By introducing a conflicting contention, Elliott Sober referenced that the analysis of Hume would lose the chomps if the contentions were not analogical (Nieminen et al. 2017). Evidently, the plan is to some degree dazzling that can be contrasted with the logical elaboration of Orgel, Evolution is cleverer than you are. The mechanical contention suggests that on the off chance that the plan is inferred as the originator, at that point it very well may be construed that the universe is structured. The point of view of everydays life, it is noticed that the historical backdrop of earth is very perplexing. The contentions introduced with respect to the presence of God, the maker. The astute plan is made by deciding the logical hypothesis. The separation between the smart structure and the poor plan guarantees the fitting contentions on the presence of the maker (Girotto, Pievani and Vallortigara 2014). The contention from poor people configuration is against the Gods presence. It presents the thinking that God would not make the living beings by seeing the problematic structures pictured in the nature. In the creationism, individuals are slanted towards a few philosophical perspectives. They have the solid have faith in the presence of God. It is likewise accepted that the world is made in time of six that contains twenty-four hour in a day. The contention presents in the shrewd structure portrays that the world mirrors the proof of the logical nature where the God exists and He is the architect of the world (De Cruz 2014). The elaboration of David Hume portrays that the material universe is fairly taking after the clever creation in which the structure displays. It has been determined that the plans identified with the human relics are relative to the structures made by the astute creatures. Thus, it tends to be induced that a shrewd maker has made the plans of the material universe. Darwins hypothesis of development is against the conviction of keen plan. Numerous thinkers put stock in Darwins development hypothesis accepts that many structure of the creatures and plants once in a while bear the obvious mark of structure, which is made by an otherworldly knowledge (Patrides 2016). Infinite structure contentions incorporate the observational highlights that are worried about the whole universe, complying with the basic laws. Then again, the supporters of keen structure contended that neither human nor creatures could have engaged with stepwise style if the heavenly insight doesn't exist. Indeed, if any of the part is evacuated, it will stop the whole functionalities (Swinburne 2014). Accordingly, the contentions present in the clever structures have restricted Darwins hypothesis of advancement, which portrays that the people, creatures, and common creatures are transformative changing with time. The contentions introduced on the side of Darwins hypothesis shout t hat means related with the development procedure exist in the record of fossil. Despite the fact that there is the presence of complex structures, it continuously shapes the developmental picture. Charles Darwins hypothesis of advancement incorporates the development by common choice, which talks about the starting point of the intricacy, adjustments, and assorted variety among the living animals of earth. Aside from Charles Darwin, numerous investigates has even precluded the presence from securing God and upheld the hypothesis of development of the living animals in this world (De Cruz 2014). In introducing the counter contention, Sober characterized that the infinite plan as the steady type of canny structure by God, the maker. Vast structure contentions are in this way including the observational highlights that are worried about the whole universe, complying with the basic laws. References Bailey, A. furthermore, OBrien, D., 2014. The Design Argument and Empirical Evidence of Gods Existence. InHume's Critique of Religion:'Sick Men's Dreams'(pp. 103-124). Springer Netherlands. De Cruz, H., 2014. The suffering intrigue of normal philosophical arguments.Philosophy Compass,9(2), pp.145-153. Elliott, T.E., 2017. On the Logic of Evolution and the Vanity of Scientism.Acta Cogitata: A Philosophy Journal,2(1), p.5. Girotto, V., Pievani, T. furthermore, Vallortigara, G., 2014. Powerful convictions: Adaptations for public activity or side-effects of intellectual adaptations?.Behaviour,151(2-3), pp.385-402. Glass, D.H. also, McCartney, M., 2014. Clarifying and clarifying endlessly in science and religion.Theology and science,12(4), pp.338-361. Nieminen, P., Boudry, M., Ryks, E. also, Mustonen, A.M., 2017. Scriptural and mystical contentions against the developmental contention against naturalism.Zygon,52(1), pp.9-23. Patrides, C.A., 2016.The thousand plan of God: the abstract type of the Christian perspective on history(Vol. 23). Swinburne, R., 2014. Contention From Design.Philosophy of Religion: An Anthology, p.207.

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Discuss and explore some specific aspect of each reading that made an Assignment

Examine and investigate some particular part of each perusing that had an effect on you - Assignment Example As contradicted from the somewhat energetic and angry tone that can be felt in the two previously mentioned compositions, Eighner adopts an increasingly snide strategy to characterizing the material states of the working poor, utilizing the implications of words that are related with his ‘work’ as a dumpster jumper, with the aim of surfacing out the subverted cruelty of neediness. One can without much of a stretch envision that such talk targets both the center and high society peruser, in that it strikes the message in regards to the difficult reality that the common laborers individuals need to manage consistently. A representative, in the quest for setting up his industry, may be pained by specific things, for example, benefit amplification and high assessments, which are for the most part basic to his tasks, yet such things are foolish, in the viewpoint of low worker, a vagrant, or a distraught lady, as recounted in the authors’ separate stories. To place in basic terms, a privileged man’s inconvenience gets insignificant, when we understand that some person’s inconvenience is in truth whether the individual in question will, let’s state, have supper this evening. The poor man’s talk as communicated in these writings is as far as anyone knows a reminder, yet actually, society tends to characterize life in understanding to their material conditions, and this working attitude turns into the antecedent to the ‘taken-for-grantedness’ of the treachery that happens inside the manner in which distinctive social classes conflict and cooperate (Momsen, 2004). I think rummaging is simply the most present day structure dependence,. Regardless, following ten years of taxpayer supported organization, where everything is equipped to the most minimized shared variable, I look for some kind of employment that rewards activity and exertion

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Don Juan Essay Thesis Example For Students

Wear Juan Essay Thesis A monolog from the play by Moliere NOTE: This monolog is reproduced from The Dramatic Works of Moliere, Vol. II. Ed. Charles Heron Wall. London: George Bell Sons, 1898. Wear JUAN: There is not, at this point any disgrace in lip service; it is an in vogue bad habit, and every single popular bad habit go for ethics. To put on a good show of a decent man is the best section one can act. The calling of hipocrisy has superb favorable circumstances. It is a craftsmanship, the imposture of which is constantly viewed with deference; and in spite of the fact that the world may see through the duplicity, it dares state nothing against it. The various indecencies of humankind are opened to rebuke, and everybody is at freedom to assault them strongly; yet hipocrisy is a special bad habit which shuts the mouth of everybody, and appreciates in harmony a sovereign exemption. By dint of cant we go into a sort of group with those of a similar gathering, and whoever drops out with one of us has the entire set against him; while the individuals who are extremely true, and who are known to be decisively, are consistently the hoodwinks of the others, are trapped in the net of the frauds, and aimlessly loan their help to the individuals who gorilla their direct. You could scarcely accept what some of these individuals I know who with the assistance of such trick have put a fair cover over the disarranges of their childhood, have looked for cover under the shroud of religion, and under its worshiped dress are permitted to be as mischievous however they see fit. Despite the fact that individuals know about their interests, and know them for what they are, their impact is none the less genuine. They are generally welcomed all over the place, and a low bowing of the head, profound moans, and moving eyes, compensate for everything they can be liable of. It is under this helpful dress that I intend to take asylum and put my issue to rights. I will not surrender my dear propensities, yet will cautiously shroud them, and maintain a strategic distance from all show in my joys. In the event that I am found, the entire scheme will take up my inclinations volu ntarily, and will shield me against everyone. To put it plainly, it is the main safe method for doing all I like without any potential repercussions. I will set up for a blue pencil of different people groups activities. I will talk fiendishness of everyone. In the event that I am yet marginally outraged, I will never excuse, however bear a beyond reconciliation contempt. I will make myself the justice fighter of the interests of Heaven, and under this advantageous asylum I will seek after my foes, will blame them for iconoclasm, and skill to let free against them the impertinent fanatics who, without seeing how reality stands, will stack maltreatment upon them and damn them strikingly on their own private position. It is in this way that we can benefit by the shortcomings of men, and that an astute man can accomodate himself to the indecencies of his age.

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A Study Of Financial Performance Based On Ratio Analysis...

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The ratio analysis is a quantitative tool to analyze the financial statement of the organization. The ratios are widely used tool to know the performance of the company; each and every ratio is finally end up with the meaning full information related to the financial position of the organization. The ratios are also help to the financial analyst to interpret the financial statement to know the strength and weakness of the organization as well as historical performance and current financial condition can be determined along with the liquidity position of the company. I have also emphasized more on need and importance of ratio analysis. Ratio analysis has been carried out using financial information for past 5 years. i.e. from 2009-2013, ratios like current ratio, inventory ratio , turnover ratio, gross profit ratio etc .have been calculated and interpretation has been made. In this report emphasizes on knowing the financial position of the Panneer Jewellers, Kundapura. The project title is â€Å"A study of financial performance based on ratio analysis† which means a process to identify the financial performance of a firm by properly establishing the relationship between the items of balance sheet and profit loss account. RATIO ANALYSIS INTRODUCTION Ratio analysis is a widely used tool for financial analysis. It is defined as the systematic uses of ratio to interpret the financial statements so that the strengths and weakness of a firm as wellShow MoreRelatedWhat Is Source Of Analysis943 Words   |  4 PagesPeriod of the Study Secondary data is used for the study. The required data for the study is collected and compiled from â€Å"PROWESS† database of Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) for the period from 2013 to 2017 which is a reliable and empowered corporate database. In addition to this, supportive data is collected from Reserve Bank of India Bulletins, annual report of the respective bank website, Indian Banking Association, various banking journals and news papers. The study covers a periodRead MoreA Study On Financial Performance Using Ratio Analysis Essay1163 Words   |  5 PagesA Study on Financial Performance Using Ratio Analysis of Hindalco Aluminium Company Ltd Pritesh C.Panchal Assist. Professor Smt. Jayaben B. Patel College of Commerce Studies and Research, Anand. Email: Mukesh B.Tagariya Assist. Professor Smt. Jayaben B. Patel College of Commerce Studies and Research, Anand. Email: ABSTRACT The present study of the research entitled â€Å"A STUDY ON FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE USING RATIO ANALYSIS OF HINDALCO ALUMINIUM COMPANYRead MoreFinancial Performance Review and Objective1405 Words   |  6 Pages A STUDY ON FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE OF MATHRUBHUMI PRINTIONG amp; PUBLISHING COMPANY LIMITED, CALICUT COMPANY PROFILE Mathrubhumi  is one of the front-runners among the Malayalam newspapers. The first copy of Mathrubhumi  was published on 18th of March 1923K. P. Kesava Menon, the prominent freedom fighter, as Editor and K. Madhavan Nair as Managing Director of it.In the beginning, the paper was published a week and had just one edition from Kozhikode (Calicut).Now with fourteen editions, includingRead MoreFinancial Performance Review and Objective1419 Words   |  6 Pages A STUDY ON FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE OF MATHRUBHUMI PRINTIONG amp; PUBLISHING COMPANY LIMITED, CALICUT COMPANY PROFILE Mathrubhumi  is one of the front-runners among the Malayalam newspapers. The first copy of Mathrubhumi  was published on 18th of March 1923K. P. Kesava Menon, the prominent freedom fighter, as Editor and K. Madhavan Nair as Managing Director of it.In the beginning, the paper was published a week and had just one edition from Kozhikode (Calicut).Now with fourteen editions, includingRead MoreAccounting Information and Predicting Financial Performance1049 Words   |  5 PagesAccounting Information and Predicting Financial Performance: Accounting information can be useful in order to help predict future performance in the short and long term. It is important to note however that accounting information including accounting ratios show a company’s performance at a period in time. It is historical data. Trends can be identified by comparing data in sequential periods and future forecasts can be determined using historical data. There is no evidence or proof however, thatRead MoreRatio Analysis : Analysis And Interpretation Of Financial Statements1490 Words   |  6 PagesRatio analysis is used to describe the important relationship that lies between figures based on line items in financial statements like the balance sheet, profit and loss account, and a budgetary control organization. Ratio analysis is a technique of analysis and interpretation of financial statements. It helps in evaluating the financial position and performance of the firm, ratio analysis also allows firms to compare their operational or fi nancial performance to another firm or the industry standardRead MoreUsefulness And Limitations Of Financial Ratios1510 Words   |  7 Pageslimitations of financial ratios in evaluating the performance and management of companies Ratio analysis is used to describe the important relationship that lies between figures based on line items in financial statements like the balance sheet, profit and loss account, and a budgetary control organization. Ratio analysis is a technique of analysis and interpretation of financial statements. It helps in evaluating the financial position and performance of the firm, ratio analysis also allows firmsRead MoreEvaluating The Performance Of A Company1124 Words   |  5 PagesReviewing and evaluating the performance of a company can be very challenging and may require some type of collection and review of financial information and statements. Financial statement analysis is a method of reviewing and analyzing a company’s or organizations financial statements such as their balance sheets, income statements, and statement of cash flows. Financial statement analysis helps companies gain an understanding of the financial position of the company, results of their operation Read MoreEvaluation Of Financial Position And Performance Of Uk Banking Sector1163 Words   |  5 PagesEvaluation of Financial Position and Performance of UK Banking Sector with Respect to Liquidity and Profitability Research Background: Several research studies have done not only about the importance of performance evaluation (financial and non financial) of banks but also for the impact of analysis to the economy and various stakeholder groups. Generally the financial performance of banks and other financial institutions has been measured using a combination of financial ratio analysis, measuring performanceRead MoreFinancial Ratios Analysis and Comparison Paper1478 Words   |  6 PagesFinancial Ratios Analysis and Comparison Paper Dianne Davis MHA 612 Professor Johnson June 7, 2014 Abstract It is important for healthcare organizations to understand their present performance and weak areas in order to generate more effective operational strategies. Financial ratio analysis is an effective tool to determine hospital’s performance on several indicators such as ability to pay debt, capability to generate revenue, and sales performance etc. The objective

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The Southwest Analytics And Aerospace Essay - 1258 Words

The Southwest Analytics and Aerospace --SAA-- has been made aware of the major problems within their company. The job analysis depicted here will give a clear insight into the organization and its complications. A job analysis is a detailed examination of performance elements within a company, which enables them to narrow down problems and solve them. After reviewing the management, the issues at hand presented have been narrowed down to three key ones. The first problem that they are faced with would be that SAA relies on primitive methods when deciding whom to hire. An unstructured, group-based interview is usually how hiring is determined. Next, they are having problems with intergenerational conflict. Older employees talk about the good old days when events would occur before some of the younger, newer engineers were even born. This could be an underlying cause of why SAA is having a hard time attracting, hiring, and retaining talented young employees. Finally, the employees are expected to follow the rules blindly and not step out of the path that has been created for them. First, we will take a look at the hiring system. The drawback SAA faces is management prefers hiring/promoting white males, which a majority of the managers already are. Women and minority employees feel as though there is an absence of formalized employment policies and procedures. These ideas stem from Eva Ferguson, who wrote about shared decision making. According to Ferguson, â€Å"rules are agreedShow MoreRelatedJob Analysis : The Saa Or Southwest Analytics And Aerospace1521 Words   |  7 PagesThe SAA or Southwest Analytics and Aerospace has been faced with a few major problems within their company. A job analysis is important to conduct with the problems facing SAA. A job analysis is a detailed examination of performance elements within a company, which enables us to narrow down problems and helps it grow as a whole and move forward. After reviewing all of the problems presented I have narrowed it down to key ones. The first that they are faced with would be that SAA relies on primitiveRead MoreAerospace And Defense ( A D ) Industry Competitive Analysis1585 Words   |  7 PagesAerospace and Defense (AD) Industry Competitive Analysis The Aerospace and Defense (AD) is a highly concentrated industry (Global Edge, n. d.). The market is largely dominated by a small number of large companies in the industry, which is a characteristic of an oligopolistic competition. The major players in the industry include Boeing, Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, Northrop Grumman, and Raytheon, (Choi, 2016). In oligopolistic market, companies make decisions based on their own actions asRead MoreOperations Management25115 Words   |  101 Pagese. none of the above c (The productivity challenge, easy) {AACSB: Analytic Skills} 60. A foundry produces circular utility access hatches (manhole covers). Currently, 120 covers are produced in a 10-hour shift. If labor productivity can be increased by 20%, it would then be a. 14.4 covers/hr b. 24 covers/hr c. 240 valves/hr d. 1200 covers/hr e. none of the above a (The productivity challenge, moderate) {AACSB: Analytic Skills} 61. Gibson Valves produces cast bronze valves on an assemblyRead MoreInvestment and Economic Moats46074 Words   |  185 Pagesmoney, and energy only to watch competitors take away our customers? The business I envisioned would be hard for a competitor to replicate. I wanted Morningstar’s economic moat to include a trusted brand, large financial databases, proprietary analytics, a sizable and knowledgeable analyst staff, and a large and loyal customer base. With my background in investing, a growing market need, and a business model that had wide-moat potential, I embarked on my journey. Over the past 23 years, MorningstarRead MoreMarketing and E-commerce Business65852 Words   |  264 Pagestechnologies (Web transaction logs, tracking files, data mining and big data) and CRM are also explored. The chapter concludes with a section on understanding the costs and benefits of various types of online marketing, including a new section on Web analytics software. Chapter 7 is devoted to an in-depth analysis of social, mobile, and local marketing. Topics include Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest marketing platforms, the evolution of mobile marketing away from browsers and towards in-app marketingRead MoreStephen P. Robbins Timothy A. Judge (2011) Organizational Behaviour 15th Edition New Jersey: Prentice Hall393164 Words   |  1573 PagesWilliam Walker, University of Houston Ian Walsh, Boston College Charles F. Warren, Salem State College Christa Washington, Saint Augustine’s College Jim Westerman, Appalachian State University William J. White, Northwestern University David Whitlock, Southwest Baptist University Dan Wiljanen, Grand Valley State University Dean Williamson, Brewton-Parker College Hilda Williamson, Hampton University Alice Wilson, Cedar Crest College Barry Wisdom, Southeast Missouri State University Craig Wishart, FayettevilleRead MoreStrategic Human Resource Management View.Pdf Uploaded Successfully133347 Words   |  534 PagesIn many such environments, greater employment security helps companies obtain the commitment, flexibility, and motivation needed from their workforces.65 Indeed, three of Fortune’s 100 best companies to work for have official no-layoff policies—Southwest Airlines, Harley-Davidson, and FedEx—and another, Hewlett-Packard, has been a leader in workforce security for decades.66 Page 42 STRATEGIC HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Section One Recognition of the Costs of Downsizing and Layoffs AlthoughRead MoreErp Sap Research Paper46896 Words   |  188 Pagestechnical help with the imple ­ EDS who in turn hired SAP consultants to pro ­ To conquer the challenges presented, RR had defense aerospace, marine, and energy.7 In 1 996 Rolls Royce outsourced 90 percent of its IT func ­ tions to a contractor called Electronic D a ta responsible for overseeing the existing IT struc ­ ates in four global markets: civil aerospace, Services (ED S ) , which meant that EDS was ture as well as providing adequate IT solutions for mentation. Within the projectRead MoreCase Study148348 Words   |  594 Pagesthey not follow QDG? Are there advantages in cooperation? What about the sort of balance that David Deephouse argues is beneficial – see the key debate in Chapter 6. Illustration 5.5 The Cultural Web of a Law Firm The cultural web is a useful analytic framework and students should be encouraged to tease out the detailed aspects of a culture. However they also need to be able to discern ‘the big messages’ and the strategic implications. This illustration helps address these two issues. StudentsRead MoreLibrary Management204752 Words   |  820 Pagesmanagement, dual assignments become part of the permanent organizational pattern. Matrix management represents an attempt to retain the advantages of functional specialization, while adding project management’s advantage of improved coordination. Aerospace firms were the first to use the matrix structure by experimenting with organizational structures that combined project management with departments organized by function. Functional departments continued to exist in the traditional vertical hierarchy

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Fast Food - 1145 Words

Ramandeep Singh Mrs. Vinson October 23, 2012 English 1001 Essay 2 Draft 3 Fast food Obesity is an epidemic that is sweeping over the United States today. It’s affecting both adults and children. With the increase in fast food availability and a decrease in the time most Americans have to prepare nutritious meals at home, it’s obvious why more people are eating at fast food restaurants. Obesity is a growing problem in the United States and more and more children are being affected. But do uneducated families have the right to put the blame on fast food restaurants for the health issues they could easily prevent? I believe that we are taking it too far by blaming fast food restaurants for obesity and that it is an individual’s†¦show more content†¦After this Ames said that in the land of the free we are able to make our own decisions but with this freedom we as people have to be responsible for our decisions. Rahul Parikh said in his essay that â€Å"Parents need to take charge of what foods they’re buying and how they’re p reparing those foods† (1). This statement is suggesting that instead of blaming fast food companies parents should control their children’s food buying habits. They should limit their television hours where they see all those advertisements that attract them to eat fast foods. Rahul said that companies use superstars, action heroes, cartoons to promote their products in the market that attracts people and mainly children’s. Rahul compared child advertisement to obesity and suggested that today children will see 40,000 advertisements in a year. In this huge number of advertisements, two third of those are for junk and fast food. Ames and Rahul were both arguing that it is our individual choices to eat fast food, so we should not blame companies who provide them. In our society, we are always looking for someone or something to blame for our problems. We seem to want to avoid taking responsibility for our actions and their consequences. Overall obesity has nothing to do with the fast food industry and genetics, but rather the choices. People should be encouraged toShow MoreRelatedFast Foods And Fast Food Restaurants1458 Words   |  6 Pagesdo not go a day without eating a fast food meal. There has been a significant rise in obesity rates in America as fast food restaurant establishments are becoming more and more popular. It’s no coincidence that as the fast food industry’s popularity is rising; the obesity rates of Americans are rising as well. The reason for the increase in popularity of fast food restaurants is simply because of convenience. Take McDonald’s for example: they offer consumers food that can ready to eat within aRead MoreFast Food And The Food Meal Essay1440 Words   |  6 Pages A fast food meal may not be so simple after all considering the ingredients that go into a meal. We aren’t fully aware of what all the ingredients are in our food. We just see either a short or a long list of words that is just scientific jargon to us. We do become more concerned of what we are eating if there is a long endless list of contents. One ingredient that we all know if high fructose corn syrup. There are high amounts of it in our fast food which explains why we can get so addicted toRead MoreFast Foods And Fast Food1649 Words   |  7 PagesFast food is popular because it s convenient, it s cheap, and it tastes good. But the real cost of eating fast food never appears on the menu, was said by Eric Schlosser. Several people in America have become dependent on fast foods. How many of the people who eat this food actually know what is really in the food or how it was made? Others don t think about it, because within ordering, three minutes later a customer can pull up to the window, pay, and get food. It is quick and cheap. The UnitedRead MoreFast Foods And Fast Food1339 Words   |  6 PagesWhen it comes to fast food it is just what it is fast food. On a busy or slightly rough day it’s so easy and typical to grab some food on the go and keep it moving. Are we able to find a solution to fast food and its nutritional value of being healthy rather than unhealthy? Fast food comes in handy and gives you a satisfying taste and is a quick fix to feed your hunger at that moment which leads to no kind of nutritional nourishment for your body. It gives the body what it needs at the momentRead MoreFast Foods And Fast Food2128 Words   |  9 PagesFast food is defined as â€Å"easily prepared processed food served in snack bars and restaurants as a quick meal or to be taken away.†. The first fast food restaurant was developed in America, 1948. Fast food is now recognized globally, generating an annual revenue of $570 billion. However, this ever growing market is associated with higher BMI and weight gain. I investigated whether exposure to fast food advertising via television increases fast food consumption, and whether our fast food consumptionRead MoreHealthy Fast Food1003 Words   |  5 Pagestelevision or radio and not be hit with advertisements introducing the latest fast food trend Ââ€" fresh and healthy food options. More often, the media bombards us with slogans such as Subway s common pitch to eat fresh or McDonald s million-dollar advertisement campaign to try the new fruit and walnut salad. Attention has made an abrupt turn from the greasy, deep-fried originals at the fast food chains to more health conscious food choices. Even a documentary of a man named Morgan Spurlock made headlinesRead MoreFast Food in the Cafeteria1347 Words   |  6 PagesFast Food Healthier than Cafeteria food? Many people think that fast food is bad for our health and that it shouldn’t be allowed in school. More healthful options should be promoted but what’s the use of healthy food in school if the kids don’t want to eat it? Nobody least of all adults LIKE eating healthy if given a choice everyone always goes for the fast food.When we eat lunch at school we get the bad end of the stick. they feed us cardboard pizza, meat that isn’t even meat and has beenRead MoreFast Food America1498 Words   |  6 PagesFast food has become a major phenomenon here in America. According to Eric Schlosser, he writes in the New York Times, on average $301,369,863 is spent a day on fast food. As Schlosser shows, American people are abusing fast food. In accordance with fast food binging, obesity has become a widespread epidemic. According to Joseph Mercola M.D., on a personal website states obesity is, A chronic condition that develops as a result of an interaction between a person s genetic makeup and their environmentRead MoreFast Food1915 Words   |  8 Pages1. Executive Summary This report provides an analysis of the international marketing environment of fast- food industry in US and evaluates the international marketing activities of McDonald’s, which is considered a key player. Firstly, the PEST framework is used to analyse external environmental factors influencing the industry. The Porter’s Five Forces framework is utilised to analyse the competitive rivalry within the industry, and its attractiveness for potential new entrants. Key players andRead MoreThe Availability Of Fast Food Essay1210 Words   |  5 PagesThe availability of fast food is contributing to the rise of Obesity in New Zealand Question 1: Explain the view point and find evidence to support the view I believe that some people have this view because fast food outlets usually consist of fatty foods. This means that people who don’t have much time or money can easily go out and buy food for themselves and their children. Studies show that New Zealand fast food consumption was an estimated 2-3 kgs per person per year. Studies also show that

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Digital Divide in the World Today

Question: Discuss about theDigital Divide in the World Today. Answer: Introduction In the service provision and delivery sectors, there has developed a huge dent with the introduction of the new technology gadgets and services. For the services that can only be provided over the internet, those who cant access them or do not have the knowhow on how to access and use the internet are denied the services (Parks 2013). The services are only available and useful for those whose electronic gadgets have internet access capability and they themselves have the knowledge on how to access the services and use them effectively. Digital divide can be defined as the gap between those who have access to the new technology that is the devices and the services and those who do not have. It is used as the distinction between those who own computers, smartphones as well as other digital assistants and those who do not have (Evans 2010). In other words in can also be used to separate those who have unlimited knowledge on how to take advantage of the services the technology provides such as internet and those who have very limited cant access the same. With the introduction of the free WIFI in buses and other public avenues has a huge advantage to those elites who have the knowhow on how to access and use the internet and on the other hand a huge disadvantage to those who do not know how to use the internet. Some of the members of the public have electronic gadgets like phones which cannot allow them access the WIFI services like the rest and this goes all the way increasing the digital divide between the members of the society. References Evans, C. (2010). Internet issues. New York: Nova Science Publishers. Parks, P. (2013). The digital divide. San Diego, CA: ReferencePoint Press.